Monday, April 13, 2015

Social Media to Reach Families

I recently attended ASCD's annual conference in Houston, TX, and was blown away by the vast amount of information out there on reaching families.  Twitter and Facebook seemed to be the most widely used means of communicating with parents and students.  SBMS currently uses both of these to disseminate information and I was thinking beyond the username we have to link us with a particular hashtag, such as #pirateproud.  I envisioned many creative ways to include the students on this to spread positive things about our school.  When I returned from the conference, I began talking with students, informally, on their use of Twitter. What I found out was disheartening, they're not big on the Twitter scene.  Apparently, that is a platform most high school students use.... bummer.

On the bright side, they are big Facebookers, so I'll continue to use that to spread information and share good news.  I also intend to teach these students how to spread some of their own good news and encourage them to share those things on our page, requiring my position to post something before it immediately goes to our page, of course.

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